IPL Laser parts repair and refurbishing

we are the leader in medical-grade and aesthetic laser repair services and maintenance, having helped thousands of clients maintain their devices for more than 15 years. By providing regular tune-ups, parts replacement, and skilled repair services, we provide owners with a practical and affordable solution to replacing aging or malfunctioning aesthetic laser equipment.

Laser Repair Services & Maintenance: How It Works

With North pole Technical , getting your aesthetic laser equipment working like new again is easy. Simply call or email us to get more information about repair and maintenance services for laser equipment.
1. Call NPT to speak to our technician
2. Our technician will troubleshoot the issue, get more information about your equipment and prepare a free estimate.
3. Once you have OK’d the quote, a service representative will contact you about scheduling.
Once on-site, our technician will confirm with you about the issues being experienced and start running through the equipment diagnostics and performance. Recommendations will be made and if any additional parts are required, we will revise the quote. We will NEVER repair anything without your prior approval. After repairs have been made, our technicians always clean, tune-up, and test the equipment to ensure that it works like before.

Warranty for Laser Equipment Repairs

We stand by our work! That’s why work completed by LSS technicians is guaranteed for 30 days after completion.

Standard Laser Equipment Repair Services

-Base Unit Repairs -Optical Performance Testing -Computer Hardware & Software -Fix or Replace Cooling Systems -Replace Damaged Optics & Mirrors -Replace Tubing and O-Rings -Replace LCD Screens
-System Refurbishment & Updating -Replace Flash Lamps -Electrical Calibration of Analog Circuits -Replace Air and Water Filters -Repair or Replace Pump Chambers -Fix or Replace Power Supply

Complete Aesthetic Laser Servicing Options

Handpiece Repair & Refurbishment Rod Repairs & Refurbishing High-Voltage Power Supply Repair Zimmer Repair